Background Removal Service

Background removal service are mainly used by the e-commerce business owners, online sellers, photographers. In this service, background removal service providers cut or remove unwanted objects and/or background. It is also known as photo cutout service

Sometimes you have a great shot of a product marred by distracting landscapes and other objects. You can easily use this product photograph by removing unwanted objects.

Cutout Pixels is a graphic design agency with background removal experience. Our years of experience in this field has brought a satisfied smile to thousands of customers. Our dedicated experts will make sure your image is finished and has the professional look you want.


Background Removal Service Background Removal Service
Background Removal Service Background Removal Service
Background Removal Service Background Removal Service
Background Removal Service Photo Cutout Service

Types of Background Removal Service

Several types of backgrounds require nowadays such as white background, transparent background, multicolor background, etc.

Image Masking Service Image Masking Service

White Background

Anyone can use a white background to give images a clean look or to make elements or the model stand out in full. A white background is usually used to convey a calm and friendly appearance. You can go to the examples to get a better idea of ​​what I’m talking about.

Transparent Background

The transparent background is used to display specific items on a variety of backgrounds, allowing us to easily showcase products or models to customers of different sizes. Look at the samples to see how the dimension change looks with a transparent background.

Ecommerce Product Photo Editing Ecommerce Product Photo Editing

Multicolor Background

Photography is undoubtedly the most important aspect of today’s internet business, but professional photo shoots for each and every volume item are time consuming and expensive. We can color differentiate different parts of a product and enhance a specific part of an image using a multi-crop approach.

Who Need Background Removal Service?

Businesses and individuals need image background removal services for two main reasons. You want to draw the viewer’s attention to the main subject of the image and make sure the background doesn’t distract them.

Removing the background from image services can be particularly useful for the following:

E-commerce Business: In e-commerce businesses, product photos are generally required to have a white background and conform to a specific size format. Cutout Pixels’ background removal services can’t only help you to prepare your photos according to the specified formats, but also add the necessary contract, focus and background.


Photo Editing Agencies: Post-production makes a big difference to the final image. We help image editing agencies handle their processes and bulk orders.

Professional Photographers: Our high quality services help the professional photographers’ to make their photos great by removing unnecessary objects from the background, retouching portraits and fashion photos, offering color correction, etc.

Small Business Owners: Small business owners often need photo background removal services to prepare catalogs or portfolios for their products.

Creative Houses:  Our world-class background removal services ensure product or model photos look professional and suitable for sale or promotion.

Why You Need Background Removal Service?

Background Remove is a graphic design service that takes care of the background of images. From business to social media, images play the most important role when it comes to expressing our emotions and thoughts.

Here are the reasons you should remove background by a professional:

With the background removal service, the photo looks relevant and authentic. Suppose clicking on an image triggers imperfections or errors along with bad background or unwanted people. In this case, removing the background adds value to the image. In this way, this service gives the images a relevant element that also looks professional in the eyes of the viewer.

Pictures sometimes appear blurry or shaky in the background when taken with shaky hands. If the camera is not placed on the tripod when shooting, the results will look poor. This is where hiring a professional photographer comes into play, who can edit the images in Photoshop to make them more attractive. The most commonly used techniques are background removal and path clipping to modify these images.

It’s not easy to manage a lot of images in the portal because they have to look nice and attractive. Because background removal can give images an incredible look, it’s often used when all other techniques fail. Photos look professional when edited in Photoshop and removing the background is one of those techniques to give an image a glossy look.

In automotive business, car photo editing is very important. Enhancing car photos play a vital role to display car images online. Background removal or background change is one of the main parts in car photo editing service.

For commercial purposes it is necessary to change backgrounds as there are many images with the same theme but with different backgrounds. In this case, companies use the background removal service to replace the backgrounds and add the necessary content to the image.

In many cases, the background color does not match the subject, so it is important to remove the background or you can change the colors as well. So here this service is applied and the subject is cut out of the background to be placed on another background in the desired color.

Why You Should Hire Us

If you are an entrepreneur, event manager, or photographer, you must need high quality graphics design service for promoting your products or services to your target audiences. Here are some reasons you should hire us for high quality graphics design and image editing service:

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